Roboticsin Schools

Manual Robotics ( Level - I )     


This comprehensive workshop is a thorough introduction to the Basic concepts of Robotics. The emphasis will be on developing practical applications of the skills gained in the mechanics theory classes in school. The information gained can be applied while making a remote controlled bot be it a land rover or a toy car. This workshop combines insightful lectures to reinforce key concepts. Students will also learn basic robot design concepts.

 Duration :

It’s a 5 hour workshop. In this 5 hour course, students will gain valuable hands-on experience. Incoming students with little or no Robotics knowledge will finish this course empowered with the ability to build and create efficient remote controlled bots.

 Who should attend ??

Students of classes 9 and above are suitable for this workshop. This knowledge can be used for designing bots for various Robotics competitions or for your own utilities and requirements.

 Skills Gained :


After completing this workshop you will be :

i) Able to make a remote controlled wheeled drive of your own.

ii) Able to mount or use other robotic parts according to your bot requirements.

iii) Familiar with basic electrical devices such as motors and electronic devices such as SMPS.

 Take Away Kit contains :

  • i) Motors
  • ii) Wheel
  • iii) Aluminium Chassis
  • iv) AC Adapter
  • v) Remote Box
  • vi) DPDT switches
  • vii) Connecting Wires
  • viii) Screw Driver
  • ix) Robot Building Manual



About Us


"Our workshops are designed in such a way so that the school students can establish a bridge between the real world and the theoretical knowledge taught to them; thus loving whatever they read, and develop a curiosity to keep on implementing theoretical things practically. Aristotle had said that "The root of education is bitter, but the fruit is sweet"; and we are just adding a flavour of fun to current education system"


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